[Daily Advice] The Biggest Myth in the Auto Industry… “You Can’t Shop Online”

Car driver womanWhen life happens and you need a new car, it can be overwhelming.

Maybe your car broke down, or is costing you more than it’s worth. Or maybe you just need an upgrade. The timing is never perfect to make such a large purchase.

However, each day that passes without your new car leads to more headaches. How are you getting to work tomorrow? Who will take care of the kids? And let’s face it, relying on the bus and public transport gets old fast.

Where do you start if you need a car FAST but you have bad, poor, or no credit?

When Canadian car buyers enter their postal code and information into an online comparison site like EasyAuto123.com, many are shocked by their low rates and the quick approval process.

We weren’t surprised when we got questions from car buyers if these rates are real, so we put together some of the top reasons why people are applying online and getting better deals.

Here are just 7 great reasons applying online can save you money… although there are many more!

  1. Get Approved Regardless of Credit HistoryIf you have bad credit, poor or no credit, bankruptcy, foreclosures, or repossessed cars – but you have a job – there’s an excellent possibility you can qualify for low interest rates and drive away in a new car today by using a free tool like EasyAuto123.com.
  2. Lower Monthly Rates – People say it‘s possible to spend as low as $147 /month with $0 down on their car payments². We sent our own Tim Palmer to test the hype. Tim’s results were very exciting, “A few years ago I had a foreclosure and my credit took a big hit. I applied online and was amazed that I qualified for a Ford Escape for just $166.72 /mo.” Tim’s situation may vary from your own so we suggest you Get the lowest rates in your area >
  3. Negotiate From The Comfort Of Your Couch – Imagine beating a salesman by removing the tactics they rely on. No creepy eye contact, pushiness or persuasive body language. Negotiate on your terms, from your home, or simply hang up the phone.
  4. No Obligation, Get The Best Loan – When applying online you won’t feel the same pressure from the salesman. You can evaluate the terms, say “NO” if you want, and make the best decision for you.
  5. Easier To Shop Around – When applying online, you can get multiple quotes in one day. Tell each specialist the best APR and loan terms you’ve received. Make them “Beat Your Lowest Rate.”
  6. No Gender Discrimination – Some women feel like prey at dealerships. Applying online removes the pressure you encounter at the dealer. Ask questions, take back control, and get the deal you deserve.
  7. Get The Car You Want & Can Afford – When you apply online the agent will be able to immediately check their vehicle inventory to see what’s available near you and which packages fit your budget.

With Same Day Results, Applying Online Is Instant.

So, What Are You Waiting For? You have nothing to lose.

We all know you need to shop around, but for whatever reason we delay the inevitable.

If you need a new car, get a quote online first. Most likely this will save you time, money, and eliminate stress.

You can either spend hours researching auto loan companies, or you can take the first step now. Visit a free loan comparison site like EasyAuto123.com and find out what interest rates and terms they can offer you.

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